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Unlock your full potential with personalized 1-on-1 training from me at PRFitter. Where I will help and coach you achieve your own wild and ambitious goals of fitness. Get ready to redefine your limits, break barriers, and achieve extraordinary results. With your tailored workouts, outcome-based guidance, and support by your side, you'll experience your own unique fitness journey like never before. Scroll down to discover how our transformative collaboration and training program can empower you to become the stronger version of yourself. Invest in your fitness, invest in yourself. If you are interested in knowing more before you purchase sessions, book a free consultation call with me at the end of this page to find if I am the best fit for you as your coach. Keep getting stronger.

Your Sessions/Investment Will Unlock

Complimentary Consultation Call

Movement Assessments

Cardiovascular Assessments

Customized Mobility Program (based on the assessments)

Corrective Exercise Programs (based on the assessments)

Tailored Weekly/Daily Training Program

Specialized Precision (Technique) Training

In-person/Online Accountability Weekly Check-ins

Nutrition Habits Assessment Sessions

Customized & Personalized Nutrition Behaviors

Access to From Plate to Great Ebook (coming soon)


Outcome-Based Coaching

Access to Exclusive Content

Access to the Exercise Video Library

Access to Precision (Technique Videos) Training Videos Library

Access to PRFitter Community Groups

Schedule your free consultation

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