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Courageous Stories


I didn’t think I could lift this much weight. Now, I have done it, it makes me think with intelligent training, anything is possible. I have surpassed my original goal which was to stay healthy. Now, I can actually do those exercises that I saw on TV like hitting my PR in my sumo deadlift and front squat.


I can feel a tremendous difference in my long distance biking. Gurmeet certainly does 10 notches better than anyone else. He also helps you understand the whole science and biomechanics about our body. It is an education in action for me. My biggest milestone has been particularly to my core.


I have been working out on my own, but I am really seeing these changes since I started working out with you. One thing I have learned from these sessions, that the process is important. You come here and do the process again and again and ultimately, you get results. I have seen how you care for people and push people.


I feel like an athlete. I wouldn't have been doing this for two years if I didn't have you. Being able to jump around like an athlete, I couldn't do it before. I feel like I am gonna live longer.

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