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Functional Muscle

Thoughtfully designed 12 weeks mesocycle/program and used by my previous clients/athletes to elicit muscle hypertrophy, functional strength, improve mobility, and cardiovascular health. If you are looking to improve your body composition with the primary aim of building muscles that are functional, then this is the program for you.

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Minimum Requirements:

Time and courage to push your limits

Access to a commercial gym or home gym

Preferably know how to do three compound lifts; Back Squat, Bench Press, and Sumo Deadlift/Traditional Deadlift. If not, there are alternatives mentioned in the program

Access to foam roll/massage ball

No operable injury

No heart related condition

Why You Should Choose this Program:

The best of both worlds; Functional strength and Hypertrophy (muscle mass building)

Improve your VO2 max and Aerobic endurance

Zone 2-5 training phases

Movement-based program to attain your holistic health

5 Day/week program (Lower, Push, Pull, Lower, Total Split)

Access to customizable google sheet

Achieve your new PRs

1RM-20RM calculator included

Volume-based training

Progression based program (linear, undulating, and double progression, primarily)

Simple and user-friendly format

Exercise videos included

Instructional videos included to navigate the program

This program is for:

Level 1 & Level 2 Athletes/People

  • Level 1 athletes are the ones who are beginners and are interested in starting their fitness journey with a kick-ass program. People who are looking to unlock their true potential, gain functional muscles, strength, mobility and cardiovascular health and find their new PR should invest in this program.

  • Level 2 athletes are the ones who have been into fitness for at least 0-4 years and looking to train in a more interesting way to build their muscles and improve functional movements while building up on their current strength, improve their mobility to prevent injuries, and increase their VO2 max and aerobic endurance.


This program is not for:

Level 3 Athletes/People
  • Level 3 athletes are the ones who are sport-specific athletes, professional bodybuilders, olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters or calisthenics only athletes.

  • The athletes who are looking to get big numbers on their PR.

  • This is only a 12 weeks program. Our fitness journey is not 12 weeks long, rather it is a consistent effort for months and years.

  • This does not prepare you for any PR competitions or professional bodybuilder physique.

  • These are longer workout sessions (60-90 minutes). If you don’t have that much time, please wait. 30-45 minutes long sessions are currently in development.

Having said that, this program can still work like a template for you for your next many mesocycles. You can always progress in your own way and even change the exercises you want to while keeping the same template.

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