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Helping You Achieve

The Better Version Of Yourself

My goal of creating this website

Is to help you to experience that you can also train and move like an athlete on a continuum. Either you are taking 1-on-1 sessions with me in-person/online or being a part of the PRFitter community through online training programs. When I heard from people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s calling themselves old I always wanted to create programs that would meet them where they were. 
Through this platform, I want to give you the right tools to achieve your goals regardless of your age. My vision for you is where you believe in your capabilities, abilities, and intentions  and you are able to achieve whatever goal you set forth. I know there is more to explore and unlock within you and there is always going to be a better way to achieve your goals and dreams.  

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My incredible wife and I live in Northern California and love living surrounded by the greenery we missed so much when we taught abroad, road trips to beaches and all the hiking places and spending time with our flock of 14 hens. I love learning new skills such as bamboo flute, guitar, swimming, aerials from my wife, straps, rope climbing, cricket, and how to file taxes. My wife and I are certified scuba divers and I am still scared of the ocean. We have travelled to more than 30 countries together, however we haven’t left California since we moved here in 2021 because our feather babies (chickens) want our constant company (we love them).

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